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    I have loved cats as long as I can remember.  Most of my life, I have had rescue cats and kittens.  They have all been wonderful and I still have some today.  
    My love for the Ragdoll breed came a few years ago while reading Cat Fancy Magazine.  The magazine's spotlighted breed was the Ragdoll.  I was unfamiliar
    with that breed but fell in love instantly with the cat I saw covering an entire page.  What a handsome boy.  I decided I had to have one just like him.  He was a
    blue point bicolor, so my search began.  I spent hours on the internet researching the breed and looking for breeders with available kittens.  I stumbled onto
    the website of Echoglen Ragdolls and my chin hit the floor when I saw that picture.  It was Echoglen Limited Edition (Eddie), the cat from the magazine.  I saw
    that there were available kittens on the site and at least one was a blue bicolor male, so I contacted the breeder, Laura Nielsen.  It just so happened that this
    little boy was the son of Eddie.  I thought, it must be fate.  I adopted this kitten and named him Spencer.  He has a fantastic personality and rugged good looks
    so with Laura's permission, I began to show Spencer as a kitten and then as an adult alter at TICA shows.  Spencer did great!  He is now retired from showing
    as a Supreme Grand Champion and Regional Winner.

    While showing Spencer, I met several wonderful Ragdoll breeders who've become my friends and who have been very supportive of me.  With Spencer
    retired, I still wanted to show.  So, I adopted my second Ragdoll alter from Carol Jacquez of Adorabledolls Ragdolls.  His name was Adorabledolls Adonis and
    boy did he fit his name.  Another blue bicolor, Adonis was stunning.  Shown as a kitten and an adult alter, he did fantastic!  He finished Best Cat among all
    breeds 23 times.  He is a Supreme Grand Champion and two time Regional Winner.  Adonis is now retired and living the good life with Spencer and me.  You
    can find links to both Echoglen Ragdolls and Adorabledolls Ragdolls below.

    At this point, I was totally hooked on showing my Ragdoll cats but I wanted to do more.  With the encouragement and mentoring of Laura Nielsen, I decided to
    become a Ragdoll breeder.  My intent is to keep my cattery small and produce superb kittens.  I now have six beautiful breeder females...Sara, Cecelia, Claire,
    Mireya, Purrcilla and Hannah.  You can find out more about them on "My Girls" page.  I also have two stud males, Zachary and Sebastian.  You can see them
    on "My Boys" page.

    Here are the boys that started it all...Spencer and Adonis.  Aren't they handsome? I am very proud of them both!
RW SGCA Echoglen Spencer
RW SGCA Adorabledolls Adonis
Adonis Adonis
4th Best Ragdoll Alter - 2004/2005 Internationally
7th Best Ragdoll Kittenn - 2004/2005 Internationally
14th Best Allbreed Kitten in the Mid Pacific Region - 2004/2005
11th Best Alter in the Mid Pacific Region - 2004/2005
18th Best Alter in the Mid Pacific Region - 2005/2006
(only showed for 4 months)
Adonis' picture was featured in the December 2009 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine in their Ragdoll Feature Section
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